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We love what we do and are committed to high quality workmanship with professional, attentive staff. Our goal is to make every customer experience and interaction the best it can be. We thrive on change and our people continually receive training and education so we can help you navigate the latest technology and provide the right solutions for your needs.

- Meet The Team -

Our people make the difference.


April G. Kettelle

Owner, President & CEO

Team Player April

April began to develop Automated Shading & Lighting Control in June 2003. With a vision for growth in an industry known to many as small and unsophisticated, she identified solutions for integrating window shading with the new home automation trends and become a pioneer in shade automation.

In 2011, April introduced lighting control products as an additional offering to ASI’s clientele. This was the perfect marriage of product lines, highlighting the importance of full integration of natural daylight control (shading systems) with artificial electric light (lighting control). By providing both systems, ASI was able to be a sole-source of service to ASI’s clientele for quality programming and control-focused designs.

April acquired a diverse background in sales and marketing and business management, and a 3 year tenure at Arthur Anderson (now Accenture) in Chicago. She developed her entrepreneurial skill set to being proficient in market research and development, process improvement and client relations. In addition, she is personally certified in the design and technical integration of the many shade and lighting control systems executed by the company.

As the CEO of ASI, April accelerated growth and profitability by implementing processes that achieve more in less time with significantly fewer errors. The results have been dramatic with replicating a solid infrastructure for growth into 4 markets nationwide. Her ability to turn an old-fashioned, analogue business into a modern, technology-driven operation has powered this transition.

Headquartered in Naples, Florida with offices throughout the U.S., ASI is an industry leader and continues to thrive under April’s leadership.

Team Player Jen

Jennifer Rosenthal

Regional Business Manager

Jennifer has 25 years of experience in construction, design and project management. She graduated from New York Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and the Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in Interior Design. She started with Automated Shading & Lighting Control in the Naples corporate office in 2013 and then returned to New York as the Regional Business Manager later that year. Her vast experience and attention to detail give her the unique ability to work with our clients to achieve their vision while ensuring daily business operations are on track with company objectives.

Team Player Mark

Mark Hagemann

Director of Lighting Control / Master Programmer

Mark has a background in the lighting control industry of more than 15 years. With an Engineering degree from Wichita State University, Mark held prestigous positions for the Department of Defense as an Electrical Engineer as well as a position in aviation electronics for the U.S. Navy. He joined Automated Shading & Lighting Control’s team in 2013 to work as the Director of Lighting Control responsible for lighting control field teams, project management and technical sales. As a master programmer himself and a vast knowledge of lighting control systems and home integration, Mark has a reputation for only the highest quality work.

Team Player Jocelyn

Jocelyn Dorfmeyer

Sales Executive

Jocelyn joined Automated Shading & Lighting Control as the Sales Executive in Naples in 2014. With a background in hospitality and retail startup management, Jocelyn specializes in tailoring each experience to our client’s needs. A diligent researcher and desire to achieve the best results along with her knowledge of window shading systems and design, ensures she is delivering the best product for each application. Clients appreciate her input in the design process and understanding of custom applications.

Team Player Ashley

Ashley Ayoub

Sales Executive

Ashley joined the New York team in 2016, bringing with her an extensive background in retail sales and operational management. Her diverse experience allows her to assist clients on product selection that is tailored to their needs, as well as communicate the technical details for their control system. She enjoys working closely with her clients to achieve their desired visual and functional look. As a native New Yorker, Ashley appreciates the variety of architecture that New York has to offer and understands the specific needs that go along with city living.

Team Player Kerry

Kerry Penwell

Drakes Penwell Design Group, CEO

With nearly 15 years experience and a Science Degree, Kerry understands how technology and lighting can effect a person in a deeply emotional way by creating spaces that are truly a joy to behold. Kerry’s passion and ingenuity is realized from the very first design ideas through to the beautiful layering of light to create what must be seen, to truly be appreciated. As Principal and CEO of Drake Penwell Design Group, Kerry’s client list also includes projects far and wide across the United States. Recognized for his incredible talent and passion for his work and customers, he is highly respected by his peers and industry manufacturers.

Team Player Sebian

Sebian Athanase

Project Manager / Lead Installer

Sebian worked as a construction supervisor for 5 years before joining Automated Shading and Lighting Control over 7 years ago. Sebian’s leadership and strong work-ethic has him promoted to a Project Manager and is one of the many reasons he is remembered and respected by our clients. He earned his degree in Business and Project Management in 2013 and pursues regular continuing education in our industry to ensure his work reflects nothing but the best.

Team Player Joey

Joey Day

Project Manager

Joey has an education in construction technology as well as a background in the construction trade. Past experiences include: an internship as a Quality Control Manager and General Contractor’s assistant at a national construction company specializing in government projects, Lead Technician installing helical piers, Lead Technician installing Geothermal HVAC systems, heavy machinery operator, welder and sales representative before joining the ASI team in 2013. As the Corporate Estimator and Contract Manager he is responsible for review and analysis of architectural drawings, job costing, accurate contracts and pricing for all Sales Executives. Joey has a natural drive and an ambitious heart to help others, solve problems and always continue to learn.

Team Player Colum

Colum Morningstar

Project Manager / Lead Installer

Raised in Northern Florida, Colum earned a degree from Florida State University in 2008. Prior to joining ASI, Colum spent several years focusing his career in the construction industry where he discovered his interest in home automation. With an honorable reputation, Colum brings over 10 years of management experience in construction and other fields while demonstrating exemplary leadership qualities and professionalism here at ASI. His consistent efforts to achieve high-paced productivity with product and customer satisfaction in mind, is obvious and highly regarded by our team and clients.

Team Player Miguel

Miguel Sineriz

Project Manager / Lead Installer

Miguel brings over 30 years of installation and project management experience to the Automated Shading & Lighting Control team. Directing the installation teams in the Miami region, Miguel passes on years of knowledge to our installation team while making sure our customers receive the very best installation possible. Being fluent in both English and Spanish is a must in the Miami market and Miguel uses his bilingual communication skills to ensure our clients are well-educated about our products and process.

Team Player Gabriel

Gabriel Rodriguez

Project Manager / Lead Installer / Programmer

Gabriel’s interest in programming stemmed from working in the A/V industry for over 10 years. He soon became a self-taught apprentice in the lighting control industry and pursued several certifications to further his professional growth. Gabriel’s focus is always to execute a finished home control system that meets the highest ASI standards. With a sharp mind and attention to detail, he has earned many accolades from our clients for his quality, hard work and is well respected among his colleagues.

Team Player Gayle

Gayle Crabtree

Accounting Manager / Human Resources

Gayle has established herself as a skilled accountant in the construction and real estate industry for more than twenty years now. As the Accounting and Human Resources Manager for all Automated Shading & Lighting Control offices nationwide, Gayle is responsible for all past, present and future accounts in addition to maintaining corporate standards and ensuring compliance amongst all team members. She is no stranger to large commitments and upholds herself to very high standards.

Team Player Alyxa

Alyxa Crowley

Project Coordinator

Alyxa joined Automated Shading & Lighting Control in 2015 as a Project Coordinator. Originally from Seattle, Washington, Alyxa moved to the Sunshine State to pursue her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. With several years of professional customer service experience, Alyxa works to ensure efficiency in project management, operational logistics and client relations. She also plays an essential role on the communications side of our business by speaking directly with vendors, interacting with clients and working side by side with the management team to ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.

Team Player Jesante

Jesante De Sousa

Accounting / Executive Assistant

Jesante’ discovered her desire for business while attending trade shows across the country. Passionate about business, Jesante’ constantly strives to represent our company’s core values and expand her knowledge as it relates to our business. Jesante’s dedication and drive keeps her focused on her ASI responsibilities while completing her degrees in Marketing and Advertising. Her extensive background in customer service and hospitality, are nothing shy of impressive and reflects her aspiration to grow with the company in the future.

Team Player Wayne

Wayne Kettelle

Motorization Specialist / Warehouse

As our chief motorization installer for shades and resident musical performer and ‘comedian’ at the Naples Corporate office, Wayne keeps our Field Operations team well equipped and organized. Wayne was the Director of Environmental Affairs for a large resort before coming out of retirement to join ASI. His commitment to his work and conscientious effort, along with a smile and a laugh, makes him a pleasure to work with.