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Home Entertainment

From a simple TV entertainment system and whole-home music to a high-performance home theater, ASI offers brand-name smart solutions that put you in total control. Our products and installations are seamless, intuitive, and provide unparalleled convenience and reliability.

ASI Music

When it comes to enjoying your favorite music at home, we understand how overwhelming the choices can be. Stereo vs. multi-channel, single room vs. whole-home, iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, or the next streaming service that’s coming out. And what about control of the system? iPhone or Android Apps, iPads and tablets, wireless hand-held devices, in-wall touch screens, and yes, even voice commands. At ASI, we design, source, and install the most dynamic and intuitive choices for delivering the music you want whenever and wherever you want it.

ASI Entertainment

We always strive for the most dynamic entertainment experience possible. That’s why we offer systems from industry leader Millson. Their ingenious high-performance CinemaFrame® entertainment system remains entirely concealed inside your wall right behind your TV. Say goodbye to visible speakers, black boxes, tangled wires, and a pile of remotes. You’ll have the sharpest HD images in full surround sound, and be able to browse the internet, stream movies, enjoy gaming, or watch your favorite team.

ASI Voice Control Automation

Simply say what you want and watch it happen. There is no more natural way to control your home automation than by using your voice. Meet Josh, the most advanced and far-reaching voice interpretation control system available today.

Josh is equipped with cutting-edge software and innovative far-field microphones that make every command a breeze. Ask to hear a song, watch a show, dim the lights, or warm up the room and Josh springs into action. Add in Josh’s feature-rich, simple-to-use mobile app and enjoy an utterly effortless way to control your space.