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Open your home to the world around you.

Imagine changing the ambiance of your home any time of the day with the touch of a button. Our custom window treatments are both beautiful to look at and simple to operate. With an array of styles and designs to choose from, we can help you create lighting conditions to meet your every mood. Our advanced operating systems allow for control from smartphones, tablets, the unit’s remote control, or even integrated home control systems.

Interior Roller Shades

Roller shades have become synonymous with convenience, functionality, and luxury.  Solar fabric shades help you control light levels, ensure privacy, protect against UV rays, and reduce energy costs, all while allowing you to quickly and easily open your home to the world around you.   

ASI’s roller shade systems can be engineered to accommodate uniquely shaped rooms and windows sizes.  And we specialize in shade systems that are concealed in walls or ceilings, so when open, you have impressive unobstructed views.

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Exterior Roller Shades

Effectively reduce heat, sun, and unwanted glare with our complete line of exterior roller shades. They provide a clean look to an outside living area or building façade when closed, yet easily open your home to the outdoors. We feature solar fabrics designed to absorb and dissipate up to 90% of the sun’s heat and UV rays, resulting in more comfortable and energy-efficient living. And our motorized roller shades can also be automated with optional sun sensors and timers for the ultimate in convenience and energy control.
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Woven Romans

ASI is one of the few organizations offering automated Woven Romans. Each of our styles gives the classic look of Roman shades a modern twist with natural woven weaves and textiles, and sunshade materials. Woven or tailored to custom sizes, each treatment has a uniquely finished edge, and the handlooms allow certain treatments to be available in sizes up to 180” wide.
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Fabric Romans

We offer these classic, elegant roman shades in all the top-trending styles, such as flat fold, ribbed, relaxed, hobbled, or classic designs. The shades are constructed with minimal motorized headers, low profiles, and turned headrails, so the mechanisms and motors are completely concealed. You can select from solid and pattern fabrics, or even custom materials you provide.
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Custom draperies impart a refined, graceful character to any home. A contemporary ripple fold or transitional pinch pleat drape can add both structure and softness to a room while providing a total blackout, which is ideal for home theaters. Our automated drapery systems are nearly silent and can accommodate curves and vast expanses of space.
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Hunter Douglas Collection

The Hunter Douglas collection offers over 4,000 fabrics, materials, color choices, and styles, including Duettes, Luminettes, and many other premier products. As one of the top manufacturers of window coverings for over 60 years, Hunter Douglas offers some of the most innovative shade designs that combine automated ease-of-use, beauty, and style to any home.
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Panel Tracks are increasing in popularity and have become a design alternative to traditional drapes or window treatments. They stack neatly on one or both sides to evenly frame out the window and are ideal for wall-to-wall applications. Panels are available in many of the corresponding roller woven, solar, and new laser cut fabrics, as well as in custom-designed fabrics. And the low-profile overhead track is sleek enough to be ceiling or wall-mounted.
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Bottom Up / Tensioned / Skylight Shades

Tensioned shades provide the most contemporary solutions for skylights, bottom-up, and angled windows. Their innovative tensioned mechanism allows for shades to have minimal sag, while effectively protecting against heat and sunlight.   

Our systems are customized for different applications, such as 4-sided frames, enclosed mounting pockets that recess the shade roll and mechanism, extra wide widths with minor lifting cords, and floor pockets and brackets, which are ideal for privacy areas.

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Interior Shutters

We’ve modernized the traditional look of plantation shutters with contemporary features such as hidden tilt mechanisms, wider 4” louvers, more hardware finishes, and motorized louvers for hard-to-reach areas. Our hardwood shutters are hand-crafted from the finest domestic exotic hardwoods including maple, mahogany, cherry, ash, and oak.
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